Jan 28, 2009

10 Things I learnt in Scotland

Having been in Edinburgh since Sept 2008 really taught me some of the most bizzare and interesting things. I have decided to list down the top ten things that I learned or find it weird.

1. There are 2 types of Sterling pound (at least I think so, not too sure bout Wales and Northern Ireland though)

how do I find out this? It happened when I was in Sheffied England during my audit cum vacation back in July right before I came here for studies. I gave this cab driver a 5 GBP note without noticing the difference and he gave me one hell of a look and said, "What is this??This is not pound!!". I was like?????. Thn only I realised it's Scottish pound!!

2. Scotland is pretty

I think using the word pretty is not enough to justify the place. Let the pictures do the talking

Seriously I didnt do any photoshopping etc....

3. Never open an umbrella when it rains

why, ...............

rain + wind = broken umbrella

I personally have broken only 1 so far and determined not to repeat my mistake. I meant my umbrella usage in Msia is only for the sun, here I always wish the sun is out. Ironic huh..this is Scottish weather

4. My birthday is St Andrew's day

which means all castles/parks/zoos and anything that needs money to go in will be free. wow!!on my birthday...

5. Say Cheers / Ta instead of thank you or bye ( i m not too sure about which is which)

I got a lot of people greeting me that after I bought something from them so I assume it was for those two. Weird but cool!

Malaysians will say tank Q and bai bai ....:)

6. Scottish accent is really tough to understand

I once stood behind this old man and he was chatting with me for about 15 mins but I can only understand 30% of what he said. The prominent one being him drank away his money that he gotten from the sale of his house ( I am just guessing)

7. Scottish traditional dish is lamb's internal organs

Yup the famous Haggis. It is surprisingly good consider that I am not someone who fancy those internal organ stuff

8. I can wear mini skirt to class

Haha.. Yea this I cant do that in UNITEN..so cheers!!

9. Waterproof shoes is super important

reason: see point #3

10. And lastly I get to travel and lots of it!

So far been to the highlands, York, Durham, Bath, Oxford, Stonehenge, Newcastle, Krakow, Miami and Orlando (in US) and will be going to Stockholm this coming weekend..wheeeeey!

And I think I am quite a good photographer..ok I am a bit perasan ..