Sep 13, 2012

Table Mountain, Cape Town

I realised I have tonnes and tonnes of travel stories that I have yet to blog and with the current wedding preparations, my blogging time has been significantly decreased. Been hitting the gym almost everyday after work and every weekend is booked until almost the week before wedding. Even my spa has been postpone for numerous times until I have lost count! And very excited for this weekend as I will be going to choose my pre wedding photos and judging from the photos uploaded by my photographer, I think I will have a tough time narrowing to just 50 photos.

Anyway, enough of wedding stuff. This is suppose to be a travelogue long due as this trip was back in 2010 (it's already 2 years).

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa is definitely one of the must visits when you are in this continent.   What I love about this landmark is that, you can view Table Mountain from far and it's so name due to the physical appearance of the flat landscape of the mountain which resembles a table. We were lucky as the days before, it was raining quite heavily and one of the people we bump into in Johannesburg during the football match told us, he could not see much from the top of the mountain when he was there few days ago.

To get up to the mountain, you can choose to hike or lazy people like us, we choose to take the cable car. One special thing about the cable car is that it is revolving allowing everyone to get the best view of the mountain and Cape Town which ascending and descending the mountain. You can buy the tickets online through this website or risk getting there and queue in a long line. We choose to take the risk and manage to get there in the early morning before the crowd and truckload of tourists start pouring in. The rates can be check from the same website as well.


check out the long queue