Jan 5, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Unlike past tradition which I would reflect the happenings in the previous year, I won't do it for 2015. I don't want to end up writing about depressing stuff while this blog is supposed to capture my adventures, my love for photography and travelling.

I have not have a chance to exercise my photography skills since the last photography trip to Ipoh in July. Bangkok and Kuching trip do not really count as I barely take the camera out of the bag. On a happier note, finally found a perfect bag to keep the big ass fella while shopping in Mitsui Outlet park the other day. Although it's slightly pricey but since it's from Converse and in a shocking pink, I will take that, haha and not that I even love pink. Just wanted something bright and does not shout camera bag. Too bad, the big ass fella won't get much chance this year to see the light as I barely have any travel/holiday planned for the year. Sometimes, I just wish my hb would surprise me a holiday all planned out for once. I am getting tired always being the one doing the planning, camping in front of the pc waiting for flight ticket sales and making sure he's not hungry while travelling. Just for once, this year I wish it is the other way round.

And like previous year, I don't make anymore new year resolution. I kind of lost my believe in resolutions and even wishes the last few years. That's why I foresee the above simple wish will probably just remain as a wish.

Will try my best to getting out all the backlogs of travels from last year since I won't much to write about this year. Really miss all my adventures and especially my travel besties. Travelling is more fun with both of them around and kind of missed all the stupid stuff we did while holidaying ie trying to dry our clothes in the dryer for 10 times in NZ and not forgetting the epic of doing nothing and waiting the time for lunch, dinner, shower and sleep while in Tibet!