Dec 19, 2011

Inkosana Lodge @ Drakensberg, South Africa

This entry is dedicated to the beautiful lodge that Adri, May and I stayed in Drakensberg during the last world cup in South Africa. We drove from Johannesburg to Drakensberg, the highest mountain range in South Africa. We were planning to do some hiking here for a few days before proceeding to Durban.

The lodge is located at the Champagne Valley which is about 4 hours from Johannesburg. We booked a 6 bed dorm but since there were only 3 of us, we had the whole place to ourselves.The next day, we hike to the stunning mountain surrounding the valley.

The dog welcome us to the lodge
The lodge
Adri sweet talking to the kids
stunning view from the lodge

Opened my eyes in the morning and saw this

Dec 17, 2011

Dec 7, 2011

Namtso Lake, Tibet

Namtso Lake in Tibet is considered one of the most beautiful lake in China and I totally, absolutely agree to that statement. The lake is sometimes called as the Heavenly lake due to the location of the lake which is way up high in the mountains from Lhasa to Gyantse.

Although we were still having a bit of effect from the high altitude, it did not stop us from taking lots of pictures as well as mesmerise by the stunning scenery. However it was here that I had my first real exposure to the real toilet in China. Never did I expect that not only I need to pay for the usage of the toilet but it was without door and proper sewage system. I practically can see what my neighbour is doing her 'business'. Little did I know this is considered one of the 'better' ones along our journey across Tibet. The worst has yet to come. Anyway enough of toilet talk.


Namtso lake is as stunning as the lochs in Scotland, but something very fairytale about it that it almost looks fake, yet mysterious. Love the turqouise colour of the water against the lush greenery of the Tibetan mountain. No wonder it's called the Heaven Lake.

My Pressie

This by far my most romantic birthday surprise ever!

Dec 6, 2011

An Annual Affair

One of my annual affair or one can say annual 'curse' is having food poisoning. No I am not actually joking but it's been part of my life since the last few years. Every year without failed, I will have food poisoning and with just a few more days to 2012, I thought I could escape the 'curse'. Looks like not.

In 2011, I had food poisoning during the treasure hunt. Just one small portion of prawn. On happy note, my team was placed 12th out of the 70 teams. Not bad.

In 2010, I had food poisoning while in South Africa during the World Cup. I was supposed to leave for safari to see the lions the next day. I managed to go the next day with many painkillers popped in.

In 2009, I had food poisoning from the curry mee I ate in Glasgow while studying in UK. Adri had the same mee but she had mild stomach pain which she didn't know it's food poisoning until I told her.

In 2008, I had food poisoning after the annual dinner. We went to the Curve for some drinks after that. I spent most of the time inside the toilet vomitting while I heard drunk girls vomitting beside my cubicle. How ironic!

I cant remember much before that but basically once a year I will have this detox session. And even the doctor I went to see today, he said it's good to have some detox once in a while. I was like ?*%$#.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

The memorial is built in memory of  former President Chiang Kai - Shek. It is situated at the heart of Taipei and easily accesible via the MRT. There's stop named after the memorial and so you cant miss it. 


We only managed to visit the memorial on the last day of our Taiwan trip right before our flight back. And we made a right decision to come early in the morning, I think as early as 8am before the truckload of tourists came pouring into the Liberty square (the square where the famous memorial located). Due to time constraint, we only managed to view the place from outside (anyway I am not a fan of museum or historical places) but for those who wanted to know more about the place, it's worth a visit.

It would be picture perfect if the Malaysian tourist group is not there

One of the four 'entrance'
the memorial

Dec 5, 2011