Sep 13, 2017

A Visit to Hoi An, Vietnam

This was kind of an impromptu trip for the 3 of us as we wanted to go somewhere near, cheap and to chillax. As my other two friends have not been to Vietnam, we decided to book a flight to Da Nang for the famous Hoi An town.

It was in July and the weather was hot, in fact it was so hot and humid that by the time I was out of the cold shower from the hotel, I was sweating buckets. We booked a nice new hotel not too far from the old town in Hoi An. We chartered a transport from the Da Nang airport to the hotel for USD 15. We head out to the old town after checking in the hotel. The aim of the trip this time was to take practice our portrait shots and I only brought along my trusted prime lens.
The old town reminds me of Melaka
Practicing my Korean love sign. 

Love this part of the town. 

Initially, we booked a walking tour for the old town but somehow, the person did not turn up and we decided to have lunch and go ahead with plan to walk on our own. When you entered the old town, you are supposed to pay a small fee but we noticed this is only applicable to tourist. Once you entered the old town, it's a different feel altogether. I feel the town is quite similar to Melaka but bigger. It was really fun just to walk around when the weather began to cool down. A word of advice though, try to avoid sweltering afternoon heat from 12-3pm. As clouds began to shield the sun away, the walk was much comfortable. Try the famous Mdm. Phuong Banh Mi for the various choices of filling. We had it comfortably at the cafe beside the stall.

Some of places worth visiting were the market in the center of the old town. Look for the famous Cao Lao mee. I can't recall the name, but it's the stall right at the back of the market.
Cao Lao

The stall selling the delicious Cao Lao

The town of Hoi An literally lit up at night with lots of lanterns and it's a sight to behold. One peculiar thing I noticed was the enormous amount of Korean tourist visiting Hoi An and Da Nang. There are even Lotte mart located in Da Nang.

The colourful lanterns at night in Hoi An