Oct 26, 2013

PHD for a day

Digging through my albums for photobook and manage to find these. I think I have not posted them on my blog before.

So there, I was a PHD graduate for a day..'Dr.' Wong.

Oct 22, 2013

The Monkey Temple, Kathmandu

The eye

Or otherwise known as Swayambunath.

I only found out the name of the temple when I was busy doing my photobook for my Nepal trip. All I can recalled from the trip was that the temple is on top of a hill and full of monkeys, hence the other name as Monkey Temple. I am not going to dwell much on the history and stuff like that as wikipedia is available.
As we followed a tour, I have no idea how to get there as well, just that it's highly recommended as the scenary up the hill is gorgeous. Practically, you can see the whole of Kathmandu from the top.

And not forgetting the bad monkeys which chase us around and fighting for food. Locals do not need to pay to get in but the tourists are charged a small fee.

I always wanted to try taking this motion type of photo

Check the view from the top

Prayers flag everywhere

Oct 20, 2013

My Favourite Market

Is located in Barcelona.

Seriously I can't stop looking at the fruits, candies and the ever so colourful stuff sold here.

And we stumbled upon this by accident while walking along La Rambla.

Oct 17, 2013

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Why I love Abu Simbel more than the Pyramids?
Abu Simbel is more exotic and it's been a place I wanted to see and go after watching the relocation of the temple due to the construction of the Aswan dam in National Geographic. It's more exotic because of the I had to sit through 4 hours of jeep accompany by military convoy from Cairo to Nubia coupled with waking up at 2am to do so. Very much exotic. Compare that to the Pyramid which is right in the middle of Cairo town. Not exotic.

What so special about Abu Simbel?
It's the temple constructed during of Ramsess the Great. It's also one of the location of filming for Mummy II, the gateway to the place where Imhotep challenge the Scorpian King. Ok..can't believe I am using movies to depict how great the place is.

Why you don't see much of my Egypt write up here?
Egypt trip is one of the trip that I got conned left, right, up and down. Non-stop cheating and even by my own tour guide. It's slightly better after we got away from Cairo and met with some really nice Indian siblings on the cruise. But it was nightmare when we tried to get from Egypt to Jordan via sea.

Temple of the Great Ramses

Small temple of Nefertari

Upclose of the four statues in front of the temple

the missing head and upper body

Oct 15, 2013

Portrait Shooting at Sekinchan

Truthfully speaking, I was quite nervous when a friend of mine asked me whether I can shoot some portraits for her sister and brother in law. I had never done this so called 'engagement' shots before and was quite stress that I would not be able to deliver the best photos for them. And the fact that I had not actually touched my camera for quite some time!

The couple choose to have their shooting at Sekinchan, the paddy fields located at Kuala Selangor. As I had been to the place before, mentally I was trying to search for some good scenery for the shooting. After the shooting, we continued to shoot some balloon shots at a park near my condo. Never knew such beautiful place existed right in front of my condo.

These are some photos from my first engagement/ portrait photography and I hope the couple is happy with the photos. As my photoshop skills are still quite sucky, so most of the photos straight out from the camera with very minimal editing.  My photography is back but with a major sunburn from the outing!

Oct 13, 2013

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

I believe the building itself worth a blogpost. I won't go on explaining the history and stuff about it but all I can say that, the building was constructed since 1882 and still under construction up until today, masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi.  Although my trip to Barcelona was 4 years ago, this building remained the most memorable one, as it was expensive to get in and I can just stare at the interior and exterior of the building all day and night.

If anyone tells you that it's not worth paying the euros to get in, ignore him/her. Pay the money, get into the queue and get in. Go back at night and see the night view.