May 28, 2011

Bamboo Garden @ Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

clear blue sky

me posing

The Bamboo Garden at Sun Moon Lake itself may not be one of the must see sites when you visit Sun Moon Lake but certainly it's worth visiting. It's the first stop if you are taking the round the island hop on hop off bus from the terminal. There were less tourists, in fact we had the place to ourselves. It's also an excellent place for bridal shots. So if you had the time, spare a few hours to enjoy the garden, as well as, the bamboos.

May 22, 2011

My favourite places @ New York

A week back to the Malaysia soil but I feel that my body clock kind of still in the New York zone, hence I decided to share some of the places that I love most about this city.

I know my top pick for this sound cliche but I think it's a must for anyone who first step foot into the big Apple.

It's none other than the famous Times Square which is located along 42nd St which is always so full of life and all the colourful lights never failed to fascinate me. In fact, the 2 weeks I spend in New York, this is the place where I hang out the most, for the Broadway, movies and not forgeting the yummylicious Cold Stone ice cream. I hereby declare it's my current favourite ice cream beating Ben & Jerry!

Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge

My second pick would be the famous Brooklyn bridge simply because I have this obsession on bridges. I always think that the metaphor behind this amazing architecture is, a bridge connects between two piece of land which otherwise are separated from each other.

My third pick would be the famous Central Park. Just for chilling out!

Central Park

Top of Rockefeller

Fourth would be the top of the Rockefeller where one can catch this stunning view over the whole of New York city although it can be tad too windy!

Lastly, you never feel you have visited this city if you never been to the famous iconic Statue of Liberty.

the most famous lady in USA

May 17, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge @ New York

the stunning skyline

the famous bridge

A business trip to NYC this time gave me another chance to visit the famous Brooklyn Bridge which connects between Manhattan and Brooklyn. I was dying to walk along the bridge the first time I was in New York 4 years ago but then at that time, my bro was more interested to bring us to the chinatown!

So this around, I managed to at least get to the Brooklyn side to view the Manhattan skyline as well as trying the most famous pizza in town, Grimaldi's Pizza. We had to wait for about an hour to get a seat but the pizza never disappoint us. The most delicious pizza I had tasted so far :)

May 16, 2011


When Kate marry William, that's a fairytale where every girl could wish for.

When every disney princesses married their princes, that's a fairytale as in happily ever after.

So fairytales do happen in real life but I was never a believer in one until recently.

I watched a lot of TVB and korean dramas and scenes from these movies and dramas wouldn't actually happen in my life but the 2 weeks I spent in NY do make me feel that sometimes things do happen for a reason when the timing is right.

And you know what, I am kind of a believer now.

So are you a believer in fairytales? I guess every girl wish to be in one :)

May 5, 2011

I have a mission

So what kind of mission exactly when I am away at this vibrant New York City?

1. To catch a broadway. The last time I was in the Big Apple back in 2008, I didnt manage to catch one and subsequently I watched 2 West End (Lion King and Wicked) in London and since then had fallen in love with musicals and broadway. So this time I must catch a broadway in NYC!

2. To eat my Ben & Jerry's
Too bad they didnt sell in Malaysia :(

3. To shop for my Coach

4. To snap a photo of the Brooklyn bridge overlooking the Manhattan skyline
That's for my non moveable asset deco though I kind of already shorlisted a few of my photos

ps: and I am writting all this from the apartment I am staying currently..with stunning view of the Manhattan skyline as well as amazing interior