Apr 30, 2010

Jungfrauhoch (29 May 2009)

almost there

Top of Europe.. the view along the whole journey is super super beautiful. Even words could not describe my feelings when I was travelling up to the top. The train ticket to the top is super expensive costing bout 160 CHF (I travelled from Bern) which is like more than RM 300 bucks...and me being a very kiasu Malaysian girl decided to take the second earliest train from Bern to maximise my time up there. So there I dump my travelmate who prefer to sleep a few more hours and travel 3 hours from Bern. The view from Lauterbrunn is straight from Riverndell of LOTR with pretty waterfall. It's pity that I did not stop here for a quick photo. Along the way I met this Chinese girl who was also travelling alone. It's funny that later on I bumped into my travel mate on the top. The scenary is gorgeous, spectacular and freezing cold eventhough it's already late May.. also for the first time I saw so much snow...

Some tips: sit at the right side of the train from Lauterbrunnen as you can view the beautiful snow capped mountain. I decided to take the Lauterbrunnen route up and the Grindelwald route down as I wanted to hike to the Bachalpsee lake.

snow everywhere

I am above the clouds

I m on top of Europe

getting ready for my snowboarding


Later on, I stop at Grindelwald on the way down. Initially I planned to hike to the Bachalpsee lake for the mirror image lake but sadly it was still frozen..and instead I stop at the first stop via the First cable. It was highly recommended here as well as I felt the whole place was something out of Heidi. Initially I wanted to hike down to Grindelwald but 2 hours journey put me off and finally I decided to take the cable car. From Grindelwald , I stop by Interlaken, another beautiful town by the Alps..

the scene is straight out from Heidi

view from Grindelwald First cable car station (at the first stop)

an old couple dating ..so sweet

Shoes shoes shoes

view from my heels..very super mo liu

I have always been a shoe person ever since...My collection of shoes expand when I started working. You see, when I work I have cash, with extra cash I bought extra shoes which I think I have probably 5 of the same colour. Fiddling with my camera yesterday and decided to shoot some shoes collection

my super high heels from Charles & Keith

my favourites

i forgotten about these two pairs until yesterday

my collection of shoes..i seriously need a BIG shoe cabinet