Jun 29, 2012


I wish I can have a dog.

I wish I can decorate and manage my own home without interference.

I wish I can have my dream house where I don't need to travel 2 hours to work or wake up 6am in the morning to get to work.

I wish I can quit my job and do something I enjoy.

I wish I can go to Bora-Bora.

I wish I can backpack for Trans Siberia.

I wish I can cut my hair short.

I wish I can have a large wardrobe and shoe cabinet.

I wish that everyone stop dictating what and how they want me to be.

I wish I can be just who I am.

But, sadly these wishes just remain as wishes and will never come true...

Jun 27, 2012


I no longer know how to laugh out loud,

I no longer know how to be optimistic,

I no longer know how to fight back,

I no longer know how to sleep without crying at night,

I no longer know who am I

Jun 25, 2012

Jun 21, 2012

My Secret Affair with Coach

Seriously I was kind of a late bloomer for this Coach brand and I didn't even own one even though I went to the factory outlet in Las Vegas back in 2007. It was until my friend asked me whether I got myself a Coach bag after I came back, only I did some googling and found out. Apparently, that time in Malaysia, Coach was still considered a very luxury item and there were only a few shops in KL.

Then when I went to US again during winter 2008 that I managed to grab my first ever Coach bag from the Florida factory outlet. It was made from jeans material and I love it! Even then, the secret affair had not begun. I am still very much a un Coach person :)

Then I got my second one after asking a friend to get from me when she went to New York in 2009. It was a classic brown for work.

The first two bags are the signature Coach bags with lots of C. Back then, I wanted something to show that it was Coach, haha. So kiasu!

The third and fourth were gotten from my New York trip in 2011. I was crazy for leather as it makes it more classy and durable for work. I basically spent 3 hours in Coach factory outlet in Woodbury, New York alone.  I had been using the brown leather bag for work and it's one of my favorites. The white leather bag, I used it occasionally only when I went out.

The last two bags were gotten from my recent trip and this time I bought a few extra for business, hehe. I got the coral red sling bag for my casual outing and the beige one for work. Still they are much cheaper comparing to Malaysia and some are not even available in the boutiques in KL.


There were some wristlets and purse I got for myself as well. I am currently using the purple purse and thinking of selling the beige..hmm...

Recently, there were many websites offering to sell Coach bags and how exactly to know whether it's an authentic. There are a few ways:

1. There is a serial number inside the bag and you can call up any Coach shops and check out the serial number for authenticity.

2. Notice that the Cs are arrange in a very structured way. Can check out the photos above and you will know what I mean. 

3. Every Coach bag will have a small tag at the side and you can feel the Coach word with your fingers. 

4. All Coach bags are made in China and basically you can see this inside the bag near to the zipper,
This is a Coach bag. It was handcrafted in China from natural cowhide leather. The variations in the grain are characteristic of full-grain leather. It's superior craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect our commitment to enduring quality."

Jun 20, 2012

The Famous Potala Palace @ Tibet

After so many depressing posts, I shall resume some of my happy writing on my travels which seem forever  unfinished. I came to know about the closure of Tibet (yet again) after chatting with my tour guide from Nepal. Yes, we still do keep in touch and he told me that Tibet is closed to tourists again this year. But from the latest news I read, it seems like Tibet has been reopened but not to Britain, Norway, Korea and Australia. I am not sure why is that arrangement but then again the Chinese authority is always doing things that beyond our understanding.

I still remember the day we left Tibet and travelling by land back to Kathmandu through Zhang Mu, we had to go through the immigration and we were travelling with these 3 other tourists from Britain. Our bags were searched while the locals were not. One of the guy travelling in that group actually had a travel guide book on Tibet and it was confiscated because there were Dalai Lama's photos in it. Just because of that! And because of that, I decided to buy a book about the current 14th Dalai Lama in Kathmandu and it's actually written by the Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama himself! I have only managed to read the first few chapters and it's already very interesting. A book where he wrote from his point of view, from he was a young kid selected to be the Dalai until his exile.

We were glad that we had a pure Tibetan as our guide even though they offered a Chinese guide for us. We keep emphasizing that we are Malaysians and not Chinese which was so funny. We had never been so patriotic until then, haha. Our guide mentioned to us that Potala Palace was the residence for the Dalai Lama in the winter while he had another home during summer, the Norbulingka.

waiting in line

On the way up to the Palace and under such thin air, it's very exhausting

This is the last place we can take photos before going in

view from the Palace
Tibetans are the friendliest people I ever met

Jun 15, 2012

Jun 10, 2012

Wedding Photographer

Caught this couple on camera in Puerto Rico while I was waiting for the sunset.
They are actually taking their pre wedding photos and somehow, I love the fact that their expressions seem to be they are in their own world, oblivious to the surrounding and only have eyes for each other. So romantic.

Based on this picture, I think I can be at least an amateur wedding photographer..muahahaha..syok sendiri.

Just something to lighten up and bring myself to the wedding bells mood since mine will be up in exactly 5 more months. 

Ok. I am PANIC now......

Jun 6, 2012


Tired, feeling very tired for the past few months, both physically and mentally.

Jun 5, 2012


How many of us are lucky enough to actually love the job that we are doing? I used to love..maybe the love word is too strong, but I used to like my current job, at least I have the passion or the little fire burning inside. But all that had slowly disappear during the last few months and totally vanished after today. My passion for work has gone, zero, in fact has dipped below zero-negative. I cant recall how many times I had been upset over this, teared over this and finally it all gone today.

This is not exactly my choice of career. Maybe to some, a job is just to support the family, and to survive but to me, I need that passion in everything I do. I always wonder what if I had listened to my heart 10 years ago and chosen design over numbers crunching or what if I managed to get into medical school as I was a straight A student back then. I always wanted to be a heart surgeon and fly to those African countries and become a volunteer over there.

I no longer know what motivates me to work everyday, even money is not the motivation anymore. If I ever have my own children next time, I would definitely encourage them to follow their dreams even if he/she is a straight A student and wanted to study music.

So, what is my dream now? I do not know but someday, I hope I can follow my heart and pursue my passion to become a designer/artist/photographer.

Jun 4, 2012

Little Things That Make Me Happy

1. When I manage to bargain for a lower price especially during travel or some major expenses. Even a discount of RM10 would make me a happy woman.

2. When someone make Milo for me every morning when I am having my shower.

3. When I can go home early from work and cook myself a nice meal. Sometimes, I even cook 3 dishes even though I was eating alone.

4. When I can sweat out in the gym after running a good few kilometres eventhough I would be much happier if I can shed a few kilos in the process.

5. When I put on my pants or jeans that were too tight previously, effortlessly without taking a deep breath.

6. When someone surprise me with small gifts and cards. Sometimes, it is not the matter of how expensive the gift but the thought that someone is thinking of me. I especially treasure fridge magnets.

7. When someone compliment how good I look eventhough I look like sh*t in the morning right after I woke up from sleep.

8. When I can 'boil' my dramas from morning till night without disturbance.

9. When someone help me to carry my big ass camera and water during travel.

10. When I shot some awesome photos.

Anyway, small things aside, the biggest thing that make me happy got to be when I received diamonds, haha. Who doesn't, considering that I had never have diamonds before in my life and yes, I am still upset over the little rock which fall off from my ring.