Jul 31, 2014

Too Much of Murphy's Law

Yup..sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga.

I was in such a bad luck the last few days. My hand-phone k.o during my trip to Singapore and came back from the trip, my car tyre pancit. Sigh, and I have plans to go for swimming and need to be cancelled because I don't have a car to drive to work. And my swimming still sucks, not able to move at all and still rely on my papan apung.

Luckily my phone is back on after spending RM80 to fix it at one of the handphone shops in One City. Apparently, my phone needs to be re installed with the Samsung software of something. Must be playing too much of Snoopy and Smurf, haha.

Anyway, back to Singapore trip, the main purpose is to watched the Sound of Music musical which I know all the songs at the back of my heart. In fact, I like the musical very much and shockingly my brother who slept through most of the musical he went with his wife, was widely awake the whole time! And after I googled, only then I realised that the original version is the musical and not the movie. The movie is based on the musical and hence there is some different arrangement to the songs. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much, singing along to classics such as Do-Re-Mi, My Favourite Things, Edelweiss and of course The Sound of Music. I would rank this musical the second in my favourite list after Lion King. Seriously, nothing can beat Lion King. I have another one coming this December. Gonna bring my parents to watch Mamma Mia, which I quite enjoyed with all the classic ABBA songs. Bring back the Dancing Queen!!

Jul 5, 2014

Heian Shrine @ Kyoto

We saw from the white board in our hostels saying that the sakura flowers will be full bloom in Heian Shrine and this is the best time to view the flowers in their glory state. As we spend almost half a day in Philosopher's Path and Ginkakuji Temple and admiring all the pretty sakura flowers along the path, we barely had an hour in the shrine. It is free to walk around the shrine but we need to pay around 500 yen to enter the garden which was full of tourists. If you ask me, the garden is nice but nothing to shout about comparatively to Philosopher's Path and Hirano Shrine. Maybe because it was full of tourists and we did not take much nice photos in there and there's a cost to get into the garden. But it's worth going in for the willow cherry trees and the almost mirror lake view. And while we were there, there was some event going on for school children.

It's quite easy to get to the shrine from the Philosopher's Path as we just walk along the path until the end and went through some housing area.

Jul 1, 2014

From Nothing to Too Many Trips

Gosh.. I just finished booking another 2 trips in less than a week. From initially no travel plans for the rest of the year to four travel plans in the next half of the year and not forgetting two musicals in July and Dec this year.

I will be flying off to Singapore for the Raya holidays and for the Sound of Music broadway show which cost me a bomb! Paying in sing dollar is no fun especially the exchange rate is 2.5 times. Sigh, what to do..there is hardly any nice musical/broadway/west end show in Malaysia besides the Mamma Mia musical in December which this time I going with my parents. Watched it once in New York and I love it, especially I can sing along to all the ABBA songs plus it is also the first musical I watched with my husband as a couple.

Come August /September will be a surprise trip to somewhere over the seas with sun, sea and food (cannot not have food in the itinerary especially if I am bringing my husband for his surprise birthday getaway)

And in October, another trip to Japan and this time to Tokyo with my buddies. Can't wait for the onsen and ryokan experience and getting naked for the public bath in Hakone.

And finally, just booked a trip to Yogyakarta end November for Borobodur.

Excited !