Jul 30, 2011

Feng Jia Night Market @ Taichung

After Hua Lien, we moved on to Taichung and stayed at this city for the next two days. We decided to go for a day trip to Sun Moon Lake. While in Taichung, we took this opportunity to visit the famous Feng Jia night market 逢甲夜市. The night market is near to the Feng Jia University and is considered one of the largest night market in Taiwan. While in Feng Jia, we had a chance to see the filming of some Taiwanese game show and two popular host though I only know the guy. To get to Feng Jia Night Market, you can take the bus 25 or 35 near the Tai Chung railway station and stop nearby the Feng Jia University.

We also went to Yi Zhong street which is a walkable distance from our hotel, Good Ground Hotel. I would not recommend staying at the hotel as it was quite small and crowded. Yi Zhong street has a lot of street vendors selling clothes and food which were quite cheap comparatively to Taipei. In fact, some clothing and shoes were only sold here.

the famous hosts

our dinner at the night market

first taste of smelly taufu in spicy sauce

taroko balls

taufo fa with yam flavour tong yuen

our breakfast in the hotel

the famous big sausage wrap small sausage
the outer layer of the big sausage is made of glutinous rice

the stall

Jul 25, 2011


For the first half of this year, I am feeling quite happy and contented but not without some hiccups here and there.

My non moveable asset is finally ready, a place where I can chill out and start practising my cooking skills again. Two years since I last cooked a proper meal.

Travelling this year have been quite fruitful with lots of food hunting in Taiwan, unexpected happy event in New York, my next conquer of Everest (more like seeing Everest from far) this coming August, looking forward to early Sept and also my special year end trip.

I also miss my first and only run this year.

Moving office soon in August.

Cash flowing out faster than water.

Stop shopping for clothes and shoes (except those in New York and Taiwan) but more on household items, something I am very proud of.

Jul 24, 2011

A Place Called Home

Finally I shifted to my new non moveable asset. Nine months have passed since I first decided to pay my deposit for this. And now it transforms to this. I am absolutely loving my new home.

For anyone who is interested in renovating their new home, I definately would recommend my designer from Jireh Design. Her shop is located nearby Taman Connaught.

my bedroom, totally loving the platform design and huge wardrobe

my living hall

overall view of the living and dining hall

view of the counter

dry kitchen, i love the modern feel

Jul 17, 2011

Hua Lien - Zi Qiang Night Market Must Eat

candy fruit stick. delicious yet not too sweet

too much choices too little time

Hualien Zi Qiang Night Market 自強夜市 is the first exposure we had on Taiwan's night market. It was also the best night market we went during the trip as we had some of the best food which were not available in another night market. The night market is located not too far away from the Hualien railway station and we had the luxury of being driven to the night market from our minsu owner, the nicest couple we ever met.

Some of the must eat food from the Zi Qiang night market would be the famous barbeque meat which we need to get a number and wait for our turn! There is also the famous Coffin bread which we could choose what ingredient to be put inside the bread. We choose the the Kung Pao chicken. And not forgetting the snacks!

various choices of meat

the current number

our BBQ meat. highly recommended

the crowd at Zi Qiang

candies galore

more food

our favourite, the famous coffin bread

the yummy siu long pau

o chien


Next up: Food Galore at Feng Jia Night Market, Taichung. Just writing these stuff already makes me hungry. Miss all the Taiwanese snacks and especially the soya bean for breakfast.

Jul 5, 2011

Wadi Rum, Jordan

the camp site

I had a chance to visit a real desert during a trip to Jordan a while back and coincidentally, this desert is declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage recently. We didnt have the chance to stay in a campsite at this desert but even a day trip visit is well worth. I even had the chance to photograph the amazing sunset in Wadi Rum at one of the 'bridge'.

Wadi Rum is famous for the filming location of Lawrence of Arabia as well as Transformers: Revenge of Fallen. Although the desert is currently one of the popular tourist attractions in Jordan, the place is still inhibited by some of the Bedouin tribes. Many of the tourists will take the chance to stay a night in the desert while enjoying the starry night.

inside the camp (left) and on top of the rock (right)

there is different colours of the sand in Wadi Rum

the bridge where I watched the sunset

the sunset

it's amazing just to look at the stars at night

the moon is finally out

mushroom head

Jul 3, 2011


Have you ever received a surprise which you thought would be the only one and then to receive another and another lovely surprise again?

I have.

Within a short span of less than 3 months. I had 3 lovely surprises, all totally unexpected! That's basically summed up my first half of 2011 and I m loving it!