Nov 23, 2011

V & N Wedding

Since I kind of 'signed' a secrecy agreement with my cousin brother not to publish or disclose any of his wedding photos.. so I am just going to upload a few which do not directly disclose his face.

The Happenings

I realised I havent been updating as frequent as I used to be. Many things had been happening over the last few weeks and seriously I am feeling a bit burn out from work especially.

For the first time, I am leading a team and being given such heavy responsibility, I realised that many might not think I am capable to be a good team leader but I know deep down I have tried my best and will prove them wrong.

In a week's time, I will be celebrating my final 20s everyone know how old am I now. Do I feel old, panic or scare? I think not because I feel that I have spend the best of my 20s by travelling around the world and now very much welcoming my next 30s with new life and with someone new as well. Plus I think I already had the birthday presssie ever this year (nope not my 7D)..*hint* already got it when I was in New York last May.

For the next December, I am pretty much occupied for now; spa date, makeover session plus hopefully clubbing with my besties, treasure hunt in the first week, ji mui duty for Christmas eve and finally my pressie in Christmas :)

So yes, I am also looking foward to 2012 and a great dragon year ahead.

Nov 16, 2011

Random Kid

Just need to make a disclaimer that she's not my kid. Some random kid attending my cousin brother's wedding recently. Such a cutie and such a poser!

Nov 8, 2011

Fairytale Castles Around the World

Bran castle, Translyvania Romania (the famous Dracula castle)

Peles castle, Sinaia Romania

What makes castle so intriguing to most people?

Perhaps, it is always associated with prince and princess living happily ever after in fairytales.

Perhaps, it is the grandeur.

Or perhaps, it is the symbol for most ancient cities.

Of all the castle I have visited before, Neuschwanstein remains my favourite and the most fairytale like castle. No wonder even Disney 'borrowed' the idea of their theme parks castle from this one.

Some of the famous castles from the places I visited so far..

Hmm.. I shall write another one of palaces next time.
Linlithgow castle, Scotland (birthplace of Queen of Mary Scots)

Edinburgh castle, Scotland

Alnwick castle, England (one of the famous Hogwarts filming location)

Kronborg castle, Denmark (the setting for Hamlet)

Frederiksberg castle, Copenhagen Denmark
Segovia alcazar, Spain (one of the Disney's castle inspiration)

Cordoba alcazar, Spain

Seville alcazar, Spain
Palais of Pena, Portugal (not exactly a castle)
Prague castle, Prague

Neuschwanstein castle, Germany (the famous castle of them all)
Wawel castle, Krakow Poland