Jul 30, 2011

Feng Jia Night Market @ Taichung

After Hua Lien, we moved on to Taichung and stayed at this city for the next two days. We decided to go for a day trip to Sun Moon Lake. While in Taichung, we took this opportunity to visit the famous Feng Jia night market 逢甲夜市. The night market is near to the Feng Jia University and is considered one of the largest night market in Taiwan. While in Feng Jia, we had a chance to see the filming of some Taiwanese game show and two popular host though I only know the guy. To get to Feng Jia Night Market, you can take the bus 25 or 35 near the Tai Chung railway station and stop nearby the Feng Jia University.

We also went to Yi Zhong street which is a walkable distance from our hotel, Good Ground Hotel. I would not recommend staying at the hotel as it was quite small and crowded. Yi Zhong street has a lot of street vendors selling clothes and food which were quite cheap comparatively to Taipei. In fact, some clothing and shoes were only sold here.

the famous hosts

our dinner at the night market

first taste of smelly taufu in spicy sauce

taroko balls

taufo fa with yam flavour tong yuen

our breakfast in the hotel

the famous big sausage wrap small sausage
the outer layer of the big sausage is made of glutinous rice

the stall


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