Nov 27, 2013


Very random updates. 

I m too lazy to write or post any photos currently as it's only 2 days away from my long awaited holiday to the land of Lord of the Rings. Yup, I am actually flying off the New Zealand on my birthday, so that is considered my best birthday gift for myself. Just dread the long transit hours in Melbourne though. Gotta camp at the airport for 6 hours in the wee hours of the morning. Looks like I need to 'borrow' pillows and blankets from the plane. 

Anyway I have booked for a trip to Kyoto next April to see the Sakura. This is something I have been dreaming since the last time I stumbled into a blog which was spammed with millions of Sakura photos. It's weird that this trip was booked within less than half and hour of discussion with the hubs and he actually agree to go! Wow! And settled all the accommodation in Osaka and Kyoto as well. Just a lil sad that I am not able to get a decent ryokan with decent price even for a night. Well, the sakura that matters the most!