Nov 25, 2015

Chinese Version of Criminal Minds

Once I start, I couldn't stop.

Nay, not eating, or talking or sleeping. I am talking about starting chasing a drama. Close friends would know that I was actually a TVB drama addict. I can marathon a few episodes or even a full drama in two days. But since the last few months, I have been shifting my focus to C-dramas, chinese dramas produced by China. Haha, gotta be specific. It started when I was in Kuching following this ancient fairy mixed wushu drama, The Journey of Flower just to pass time at night and recently I am hooked to another new C-drama called 'Love Me if You Dare'. Ignore the title, it was tad too cheesy, but the drama is good considering that it's something like the chinese version of Criminal Mind and I love Criminal Minds.

And nothing will get me hooked if the lead actor is not good looking, haha. Yup, the main actor was good looking (and he was the same actor in The Journey of Flower) and with a nerdy and bizarre personality makes it more attractive to watch. The storyline so far is not bad and I found out that it was adopted from a novel.

Sigh, I miss those good old tvb dramas with good storyline and good looking actors like Mysteries of Love. Kenneth Ma was so yau yeng in that drama! Meanwhile, just gotta feast my eyes on other chinese speaking country production drama besides HK.

Ok, end of another 'wu liao' post

Nov 22, 2015

Canola Flowers in Spring @ Daejeo, Busan

The vast field of canola flowers
Canola flower is something I did not expect when I was in Korea. Instead I was expecting pink sakura flowers blooming. But to my disappointment, most of the flowers already dead by the time we reach Busan and Seoul. Basically, the trees already botak when we were in Busan but still managed to catch a glimpse in Seoul. Kind of sad and disappointed but as my friend said, why sad when I had seen the best sakura in Japan.

So I was glad that instead of the pink flowers, we caught the yellow flowers instead. Also thanks to this friend who pointed out where to catch the flowers in its full glory. We picked the best day with the best weather to see the flowers at the farm near to Busan town. It's actually quite easy to reach via the subway and it is a walking distance from the train station. You can actually see the farm from the train before approaching the station.
No tripod, so have to improvise using boxes available at the farm. 

We were lucky that the sun came out to greet us after hiding for the last few days in Busan

Looks at all the paper windmills

One of the few decent photos that my hubby managed to take

The farm reminds me of Sekinchan

We walked a bit to the canola flowers farm and since it was only 10am, the crowd had not come yet and we had the place to our own for quite some time. But the sad part was, i brought my tripod but my husband forgot to put in the tripod head, so instead of getting nice photos, I had to use the boxes and other stuff as the tripod. Was a bit sad but it did not dampened my mood to snap nice photos away.

Actually was quite impressed that my husband managed to snap some good photos of me, haha.

To get to the canola farm, take the metro line 3 and stop at Gangseo-Gu Office.

Nov 20, 2015

Missing in Action

*blows dust off my blog*....

I did not even realised that I have not written anything for the last few months, although I found a few drafts sitting or rather rotting in my notebook. Yea, I know I have not been diligently updating about what's happening in my life right now, I rather not write here as it's mostly depressing and half of the time trying to survive my insane working assignments that come one after another. Went to Kuching for a job assignment and then coupled with some issues of my condo which I was really pissed off with the neighbour downstairs making demands while he conveniently forgot that I was also the victim of him conveniently forgot that these issues should be resolved during the warranty period and not after. Which I then make myself conveniently forgot to answer his and the management calls.
Came back from Kuching and realised that I gained weight due to the constant eating and drinking of the 3 layers tea almost every other day. I just can't stop drinking this 3 layers tea with milk , tea and palm sugar which makes it even tastier. Did not realised that Kuching have quite a bit of nice food and I super love the Sarawak laksa, kolo mee and the pork satay. All located quite near to our hotel. We even tried the Kelabit food nearby the hotel.

The Kong Peah is slightly different from the Sitiawan. I personally think it's a bit oily 
The Kongsi gelap chicken rice. The owner and the chicken chopper are all tatooed

Kelabit dish.
Albeit the pricey menu, it was actually quite nice.
The restaurant is called Tribal Stove