Oct 12, 2014

Lan Ling Wang

If you read my blog, I am not much of a reviewer of movies and dramas except for the occasionally tvb drama. You see, I don't watch much of dramas except for tvb and maybe one or two Korean or Taiwanese drama.

But somehow, one fateful day I stumbled upon this chinese drama from China showing on AEC while channel surfing and one of my favourite Taiwanese actress was in it, Lin Yi Chen. I got stuck, addicted and somehow could not get over the drama and after watching that episode on tv and got myself mesmerized with all the good looking actors in it, seriously there are so many good looking actors in this drama called Lan Ling Wang, haha..yup I am that shallow, I watched a drama based on how good looking the actors and actresses are.

Googled for the whole series and start marathon from the start to the end with total of 46 episodes and phew..overall a good drama with good setting and acting. Oh yea, found out the main Chinese actor is called Feng Shao Feng and he acted in tvb Drive of Life before. No wonder he looked so familiar. Sad ending but at least it's fast paced and the first 20 episodes were really nice. And it's based on the real historical figure of this Prince Lan Ling who wore a mask whenever he went for battle and managed to defend the LuoYang city with 500 men against 100,000 men from the Zhou kingdom.

Now excuse me, I have to go dig for more of this genre dramas. Did not expect myself to fall in love with historical chinese drama, haha.