Mar 19, 2017

Best Food to Try in Hong Kong

Just came back from a 4 day food trip to Hong Kong which the main aim of the travel is to eat as much as we can. As my parents are huge Cantonese food lover, we had like 5 meal per day. Here's are some of the best food we savored for the 4 day trip.

1. Dim Sum
Dim Dim Sum 
112 Tung Choi St, Mong Kok (there are a few branches ie in Jordan and Wan Chai)
Hands down this is one of the best dimsum we tasted in Hong Kong. We reached the restaurant around 3.30pm on Saturday and had to queue about half an hour to get a seat. But the wait is worth it as this restaurant had the most innovative dim sum we ever tried. Some of the must have dim sum are the chu cheung fun with prawn spring roll, pineapple polo bun, wasabi 'ham sui kok', piggy buns. Do try their ice milk tea.

Polo Bun with pineapple filling

Wasabi 'Ham sui kok'

Piggy Bun (must have!!)
I won't disclose the filling here

Love this prawn roll in chu cheung fun

Ice milk tea
Notice that the ice is actually outside of the cup to prevent dilution of the tea
 Luk Yu Tea House
Hong Kong, Central, Stanley St, 24-26
The Monday morning before we embarked for Cheung Chau Island, I decided to bring my parents for a traditional dim sum experience. I was thinking between Luk Yu Tea House or Lin Heung Lau but went with this instead. My dad claimed that this is best dim sum he had, while my mum and I preferred Dim Dim Sum than this. And we got a shock of our life when the bill came to about HKD 550 for 3 person for 8 types of dim sum. So if you want more affordable dim sum, I won't recommend this place.
The egg tarts are quite good and this 'siew pau pastry'
Dim Sum in Airport
You can just forget about the dim sum in the airport. Not worth the money or the stomach space

2. Wanton Mee
Mak's Noodle 
77 Wellington St, Central
We had this no.1 wanton mee in Hong Kong on our second last day and it totally surpassed every wanton mee standard we had. Definitely one of the best wanton mee we had in Hong Kong minus the alkaline after taste. And I read that Mak's noodle are the origin of wanton mee.
Mak's noodle. The portion is smaller than other shop

Dad giving his thumbs up for the best wanton mee in town

Mak Man Kee
51 Parkes St, Jordan
Mak Man Kee actually opened a branch in 1 Utama in KL but I did not have the chance to try. So I wanted to try in Hong Kong, the origin place. I quite like the noodle but my parents were not too keen as there are some alkaline aftertaste.
Mak Man Kee 

Dad enjoying his wanton mee

Shek Kee Wanton Noodle
UG, 386 Portland St
We had wanton mee from this shop 6 years ago when we stayed at the nearby hotel. Back at that time, I did not research much on food and hence my parents still think highly of this place and this time my dad requested to go back for the noodle. We felt that the noodle is too hard.

3. Dessert
Kai Kai Tong Sui
29 Ning Po St, Jordan
I got to know about this dessert shop from another blogger and apparently it's one of the Michelin star street food acknowledged not too long ago. The shop is actually relocated due to the enormous hike in rental after being awarded the Michelin star. Read this in a Bloomberg article which depicts why sometimes having Michelin star award is not all good. We ordered the mango dessert, red bean and black sesame and added extra tong yuen. Nothing too spectacular but the tong yuen was good.
the tong sui that we ordered

Yee Shun Milk Company
513 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei (there are a few branches but this is the nearest to our hotel)
I classified this as dessert as we had our supper here instead of breakfast/tea. We ordered the steam milk with red bean and the french toast. We actually went back on the last day of the night coz I was craving for their steam milk.
Steam milk with red bean

French toast, love this so much

Steam milk with ginger. Love the silky smooth texture

Cha Chaan Teng
1. Australian Milk Company
47 Parkes St, Jordan (it's just a few doors away from Mak Man Kee)
We had breakfast here on a Sunday and I had to drag my parents out early morning to avoid the crowd. We managed to get a table within 5 minutes in queue and I gotta admit that the staff are rather rude but we enjoyed the food especially the scrambled eggs a lot. It comes with a breakfast set with macaroni soup and tea/coffee and the portion are rather huge.
Macaroni and ham soup

One of the best scramble egg

Polo Bun
1. Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery
47 Bute St, Mong Kok
The butter melting in the piping hot polo bun. Need I say more.

Egg Tart
1. Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
We did not try much egg tart in Hong Kong. Only this and the egg tart from Luk Yu Tea House. The egg tarts here are so so and I have tasted much better ones in Malaysia.
Kind of meh to me

Overall, I am quite satisfied with all the food that we managed to had during this trip. A piece of advice though, go for the famous places during off peak hours. We were quite lucky that most of the time we reached before a long queue is formed and the most we waited was 30 minutes for a table for Dim Dim Sum. If I had to choose my top three food for this trip, it would be Dim Dim Sum, Mak's noodle and Yee Shun steam milk.

I will do another post covering food in Cheung Chau island.