May 18, 2013

Ulu Yam Photo Trip

It's been a tradition for the photography gang to have at least once a year a photography trip together with a makan trip. This time, the photography trail leads us to Ulu Yam, also the place where I took my pre wedding photos previously.

We first went to the Ulu Yam waterfall and photographed on the waterfall, exercising our skills of slow shutter speed to capture the silky smooth waterfall. And not forgetting picnic with all the leftover cookies from Chinese New Year.

Then we headed for the famous Ulu Yam Loh Mee and fish cake. After that, a short trip to the palm oil plantation where I took my nerdy pre wedding shoots.

May 17, 2013

Too Many Photographers Spoil the Picture

Yes. Having too many photographers photographing an event actually spoil the picture. I was reading this article through Flipboard and I couldn't agree more to the writer as she is a wedding photographer. I too had this experience having many spoil photos during my ROM. Many guests would actually think they are doing the bride/groom a favour by helping them to photograph their event but in reality, it do more harm than good. 


1. When you have more than 1 photographer, who do you look at when you are having a group snapshot/portraits? I had that problem when I look at my ROM photos especially group photos, they turn out quite bad because everyone is looking everywhere. That's because they didn't know which camera to look at. 

2.  I also hate it when I am covering my cousin or friend's wedding and suddenly, there will be flash coming out from one of the guest and spoil the picture. Yup, the photo I took will end up looking bright and white. 

3. Another reason is that seeing the red beam light when another person pressing on the shutter and it appear on my photo when I am photographing the person.  

4. I also hate it when I am trying to get a good angle to shoot and suddenly, you see a guest appearing and blocking your view and with an Iphone or Ipad somemore. Not even using a DSLR! If they are using DSLR, at least I am not so annoyed. 

5. Photo bombing. 

The list can go on and on. That's the reason why when I had my photographers covering for my wedding, I make sure that no one was blocking their view and make sure we only had one camera to look at when taking group shots. I am very particular on this since wedding is only once in a lifetime. I hate all the above even I am not a professional wedding photographer, so imagine those professionals. How would they feel if they are trying their best to cover the most important day in the couple's life and the memories are ruined because of too many 'photographers'. 

So do the bride and groom a favour. Put down the Iphone, Ipad, cameras, DSLR and enjoy the celebration with the couple. They will thanking you for that.