Apr 25, 2014

Totally something Random out of TVB Swipe Tap Love 愛我請留言- 009

Ok. This is totally random. Totally totally random.....

I realised I haven't been blogging much on TVB stuff, as though I blog much la on TVB. But this recent show on TVB, Swipe Tap Love really caught me by surprise especially the cute kid and the star of the show, a dog named 009. How cute is the dog and the kid? Check these out.

The drama gonna end tonight :(

I gonna miss 009.

I wouldn't say the drama is the best out of TVB so far. But definately worth watching as I like how the current smartphone technology is weaved into the storyline with whatsapp as one of the main communication tool used between the characters in the drama.I would not dwell much on the story and the actors and actresses but I love the interaction between the dog 009 and Yau Yau. And how smart TVB to name the dog 009 which literally translate into dog in Cantonese.

The following photos are grab from 009 Dior's facebook. Not to my credit.

Yau Yau and 009

Aiyo..009 so cute la, easily the cutest dog in TVB

sigh..cuteness overload

ok.. I wanna have a dog like right now! and named it 009.

Just found out the real name of 009 is Dior. If you ask me, 009 sounds cooler.

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