Dec 4, 2012

Post Wedding Blues

I almost forgotten my blog which I had abandoned for the past 1 month. I was too preoccupied with the wedding preparation and now that's over, I finally have time to sit down and reflect on what happen that day, the day I am no longer single but a new status as someone's wife, daughter in law and lost my freedom along the way, haha.

Anyway, since there are about 3000+ photos which the photographer had taken on the tea ceremony and dinner reception, I have yet to sort out most of them. In fact, I have not actually managed to look at each one of them except of keep repeating the slide show that the photographers did for me. I must say, the RM3000+ I spend on hiring Jian and Simon was the best investment ever as they were so sporting, cool and took heaps of elegant photo of us celebrating this special day.

And not forgetting I had the best bunch of jimuis ever with them executing my dream wedding so well, down to the tiniest detail and decoration, as well as, my cousin sister for tolerating my temper and stress during the wedding.

I was never an emotional person but I am very very touch when my hubby give his speech during the dinner when he mentioned our LDR and how tough I must have gone through that when he's not around. I was  determined not to cry when my dad and mum gave me away during the tea ceremony but could not hold back my tears.

And so now, I have been married for almost a month and some have asked me how's married life? My hubs have replied stress, yup stress is always there but at the end of the day, after a long day at work, I am just glad to have someone waiting for me at home.

List of vendors just in case anyone wants to know...
Wedding dress: De Casamia (I choose a mermaid gown for the wedding dress and a red night gown)
Pre wedding photo: De Casamia
Shoes: Christy Ng
Makeup: morning - Ally Choong
              night- Aivy Yong
Actual day photographers: Simon and Jian from Moco Bridal Gallery