Nov 4, 2014

Tokyo and treasure hunt

Came back from Tokyo a week ago and so many things happened during the trip. My dslr was immersed in water after my water bottle cap came off and thank god that it was recovered after I am back but I have to forgo a lot of nice photos in Tokyo.

It rained for 2 consecutive days in Hakone and all we saw was mist, mist and mist. No sight of Mt. Fuji at all. Actually all I wanted to touch and see in Hakone is the famous pregger tree  at the Hakone shrine. Let's see whether all the wishes I made at the shrine and temples in Tokyo come true. So far, one has come true ie my camera recovered. Basically every temple and shrine I went, I prayed for its recovery.

Comparatively I preferred Kyoto more than Tokyo as I was in Kyoto during the best season of the year, sakura season. Feels like wanting to book a trip to Korea next April to see the sakura in Seoul next year. Temples are definitely better in Kyoto than Tokyo. But the experience of ryokan and eating fresh sushi off the famous Tsukuji fish market were awesome. One of the highlight of the trip although the sushi cost a bomb. Nine pieces for 2500 yen but it was so good.

And just last weekend, went for my company'a annual treasure hunt event, this time with new alliance. Managed a 20th placing eventhough we practically answered so many questions wrongly. But nevertheless, it was good as we dressed up as school kids for the event, the theme was back to school. And for the first time, I went to the premium outlet in Johor, nothing compared to the US ones but still managed to get a Coach bag for myself, two shirts from Sacoor Brothers and jeans from Calvin Klein.

The next few weeks will be busy as I will be flying off to Jogja for a week and then continue with my annual leave to accompany my grandma as my parents will be going to Vietnam. Must prepared myself for long nagging sessions.