Jul 31, 2013

Barkhor street @ Lhasa Tibet

After we have arrived in Lhasa, we were transported to our hotel to rest for the day as it is vital to acclimatise to the high altitude. Will blog something on how to deal with altitude sickness later on (at least that's what I do usually).

We spend the rest of the day loitering around our hotel and the next day headed straight to Barkhor street, one of the major street in Lhasa where most of the temples and tourist spots are located, or in this case, where Jokhang temple located.

Barkhor street had us gawking at the cheap souvenirs and many other stuff that the Chinese can think of. We of course opted for a Tibetan meal since we had a true blue Tibetan who refused to speak Mandarin eventhough he is well versed. I think he is kind of glad that we request the tour be in  English and we glad we opted for a Tibetan guide as we had tonnes of fun along the journey, from his stupid jokes with poker face to us misunderstanding his explanation.

Eventhough it was early in the morning, the street is already packed with tourists and locals. I can't help but notice most of the Tibetans dressed in black and grey.

Jul 29, 2013

Somewhere along the Friendship Highway

This gonna be a short one or mainly spammed with photos taken from scenary along the Friendship Highway, the road that connects Tibet to Nepal via Zhangmu.

The scenary is astounding, beautiful and almost look as fake as a photoshopped photo or painting. Most of these were taken after we descend from the Everest Base Camp, the journey from Tingri to Zhangmu.

We even bumped into a group of cyclist which I can't remember from where and they were cycling along the highway.

Stunning scenary along the highway

Freaking freezing cold!

Riding along the Friendship Highway

I think these are paddy fields

The Tibetan lady who monitors our guide using her water to wash his Land Rover

Jul 19, 2013

Tower Bridge, London

As I am still in the dramaland mood, just want to share some shots I took long ago on the Tower Bridge, London which also debuted in the first episode in Triumph of Skies 2 where Fala Chen first appear. And I guess many would have mistaken this as the famous London bridge as in the bridge in the "London bridge is falling down" song.

To get to the Tower bridge, you can get down at Tower hill tube station but I would always choose to get down at London Bridge station and walk along the Thames river to get to the Tower bridge. There is also a good view to photograph the bridge from the city hall side. Unfortunately, I have yet to photograph the night view of the brige and perhaps one day I shall return and fulfill this dream.

Jul 18, 2013

The Return of the Triangel

So..the reason I have been absent from blogging is because I am currently hooked on the newest TVB drama, Triumph in the Skies 2. I was and still a die hard fan of the first drama and not forgetting the theme song sung by Eason Chan. Being me, who had little knowledge of the chinese words, I can actually memorize and sing the whole song. The theme song has changed to an older sound in the part 2 but nonetheless I still enjoy the drama  or maybe more like enjoy watching Chilam in it, haha! Every time he appears, I would be like 'He is so good looking' and repeated the phrase throughout the whole hour.

So ..I am waiting whether the famous Triangel doll will reappear in the series as I had one of the doll from my Italy trip last time.

Jul 2, 2013

Sera Monastery, Tibet

Continuation from the debate of the monks...

Before we went to see the debate, we get to walk around the monastery to get a glimpse of the monks life. Since this was considered the first monastery we visited in Tibet, we were pretty excited plus we joined with another group from UK whereby we tried to matchmake their lady tour guide with our tour guide, Jamba. Since Jamba needs to settle our permit for the Everest base camp, we were left with the lady tour guide. And since her English is not as good as our guide, we spend most of the time hiding under the tree from the Tibetan heat and taking photos not knowing the building history. All I can remember from the visit is Sera monastery is one of the few monastery where you can find monks living inside.

Oh, have I not mentioned million times that I love the colour of the sky here. It's so blue...

the courtyard where the debate of the monks took place

one of the halls for prayers

somehow this photo looks like some water colour painting especially the sky

seriously the heat can be really bad

Jul 1, 2013

The Debate of the Monks

One of the highlights of my Tibet trip is the debate between the monks in Sera Monastery after the climb up the Potala Palace. We went to the monastery after lunch to catch the debate which starts around 2pm. However we walked around the monastery first before going into the open courtyard for the debate.

Although I don't understand a single word of the debate but it was an eye opening to see so many monks debating at the courtyard in the monastery. Their debates consist of a person standing stamping his foot and shouting to another person who is seated on the ground, who in turn needs to answer the question posed by the person standing, at least that's what being told by my guide. The topics are mostly involved Buddhism. I don't mean to disrespect but I find it rather amusing to see monks jumping, clapping and shouting than to sit and chant all day long.