Jul 5, 2011

Wadi Rum, Jordan

the camp site

I had a chance to visit a real desert during a trip to Jordan a while back and coincidentally, this desert is declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage recently. We didnt have the chance to stay in a campsite at this desert but even a day trip visit is well worth. I even had the chance to photograph the amazing sunset in Wadi Rum at one of the 'bridge'.

Wadi Rum is famous for the filming location of Lawrence of Arabia as well as Transformers: Revenge of Fallen. Although the desert is currently one of the popular tourist attractions in Jordan, the place is still inhibited by some of the Bedouin tribes. Many of the tourists will take the chance to stay a night in the desert while enjoying the starry night.

inside the camp (left) and on top of the rock (right)

there is different colours of the sand in Wadi Rum

the bridge where I watched the sunset

the sunset

it's amazing just to look at the stars at night

the moon is finally out

mushroom head


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