Oct 9, 2011

Thamel, Kathmandu

Colourful, vibrant, dusty, chaotic, noisy

These are just a few words to describe Kathmandu. Every minute, we will hear some vehicle honking either behind us or even in front of us. What we learn after a few days in Kathmandu is, you just need to cross the road and the cars will try to avoid you. If you wait for the traffic light to turn to green, you will never cross as there are no traffic lights in the city. There are only polic traffics. In Malaysia, honking is very rare but in Kathmandu, it is a way to tell people that there is a vehicle coming through.

We are lucky to stay in one of the most happening place in Kathmandu, Thamel.

Thamel is very popular tourist spot in Kathmandu whereby there are many shops selling souvenirs, plenty of pretty Arabian pants (which I got myself one), colourful scarfs, many unique trinkets and not forgetting affordable books. Yes, in Kathmandu, there are plenty of book stores selling Everest base camp trekking maps, books about travel, books about Dalai Lama (I bought one since books about Dalai Lama in Tibet are illegal) and not forgetting books about religion.

The colourful signage in Thamel
For information, we booked the tour package which includes Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan from Visit Nepal Tibet. Check out the website for our testimonial and a photo of us. Highly recommended. Special thanks to Birendra for organising such memorable trip for the 3 of us.


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