Dec 6, 2011

An Annual Affair

One of my annual affair or one can say annual 'curse' is having food poisoning. No I am not actually joking but it's been part of my life since the last few years. Every year without failed, I will have food poisoning and with just a few more days to 2012, I thought I could escape the 'curse'. Looks like not.

In 2011, I had food poisoning during the treasure hunt. Just one small portion of prawn. On happy note, my team was placed 12th out of the 70 teams. Not bad.

In 2010, I had food poisoning while in South Africa during the World Cup. I was supposed to leave for safari to see the lions the next day. I managed to go the next day with many painkillers popped in.

In 2009, I had food poisoning from the curry mee I ate in Glasgow while studying in UK. Adri had the same mee but she had mild stomach pain which she didn't know it's food poisoning until I told her.

In 2008, I had food poisoning after the annual dinner. We went to the Curve for some drinks after that. I spent most of the time inside the toilet vomitting while I heard drunk girls vomitting beside my cubicle. How ironic!

I cant remember much before that but basically once a year I will have this detox session. And even the doctor I went to see today, he said it's good to have some detox once in a while. I was like ?*%$#.


  1. Woah, that's bad! Speaking of which, I just encountered my first experience a day ago while in S'pore. Vomited 3x..Terrible!

  2. haha..kc, at least that's your first experience. Counting this time, I think it's my nth time