Mar 26, 2012


This has nothing to do with travel scam. It actually happened to me last week while I was in office working minding my own business. Suddenly, I received a call from Hong Leong Bank, at least that's what the caller told me. He said that I had a Hong Leong Bank credit card with outstanding balance of RM7,900++. I did not pay much attention to the exact amount as I was in shocked. Then I told the fella that I do not own any account, savings or credit card with Hong Leong. Surprisingly, he knew my full name and I/C number which was kind of scary. Then he got my address wrong and he even said that he had my I/C photocopy in front of him. At this point, I already knew it was a scam and started to scold him and said if he had my I/C copy, he should know my address. Then he mentioned that someone might be using my identity to apply for the card and by saying that, he got another scolding from me as I said how could Hong Leong Bank approved credit card application without verifying the identity. By then, I guessed he was lil panic and he asked me to take down some details to report to police. I kind of became agitated as he was interrupting my lunch time. I start telling him that I think it's a scam and I don't believe him. Then, he said if that's the case, I can check with Hong Leong bank for my statement. Then I told him I will. 

Even though I knew it's a scam, I still went to the bank and check it out. Turned out Hong Leong Bank did not have my account. 

So moral of the story, beware of all these calls saying that you owe some big amount to the bank, credit card debt etc. The next step is usually they will give you a number which they claimed is the police contact for you to call. Once you call, the 'police' will tell you to transfer your remaining money to another account as the central bank can freeze the money. 

1. Banks do not call their customer if they have large outstanding amount. They would be happily charging interest to your outstanding amount. They will only call if there is large suspicious amount charged to your card.

2. Central bank do not freeze people's money. 

And I think the fella is unaware where am I working. 


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