Jun 9, 2014

Laziness Creeping Back In Again

Sigh..my motivation to write at least once a week gone down the drain again. Fact is I have been quite lazy to write much these days plus I always think that no one actually read my blog, haha. And my life doesn't have much things to write about and I have not been to much places since Japan in April. Yes, I have yet to finish blogging the trip and many trips eons ago and I don't really want to dwell much in the stress in life that I am having now. Plus, after my favourite TVB dramas end last few week, I don't have much dramas to look forward at night. So, I guess it's time to bring back the blogging mojo and not forgetting the 5 photobook vouchers that I need to finish by October!

Sad things aside, happy stuff is that I will be going to Japan again in October, this time to Tokyo with my BFFs and I am dying to try out the ryokan style accomodation and onsen (hot spring bath) that I missed out last time. And also visiting Hakone for the Mt Fuji view and not forgetting lots of shopping and luggage allowance this time. I learnt my lesson the previous trip. Now I am going into Japan full force, haha.

Before that, Singapore for The Sound of Music musical from West End.


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