Sep 8, 2014

Day 2: Sea Kayaking & Night Market at Krabi (31 August 2014)


Back from my retreat at Krabi, or more like spoiling my hubs to the max at Krabi. It's for his birthday treat which is suppose to be a surprise but since I need him to lock down his leave, gotta let him know earlier though the location remained secret till the final week.

Day 1 is just spent taking the flight into Krabi and lazying around the hotel area as we reached Krabi at 5pm. We checked into Small Hotel near Ao Nang beach with a pool accees room, another surprise I planned for him since I know how much he loves swimming. Never regret the decision although it's slightly more expensive but worth it.

So before the trip, I have been researching on activities in Krabi. As we had only two full days, I decided to go for sea kayaking or more like mangrove swamps kayaking and island hopping to Phi Phi Island. If you asked me, I will definately prefer kayak more than the island hopping.

We actually booked the trip via a local agent in Krabi and it costs us 3500 baht for one full day island hopping and half a day for kayaking. The reason for me not having a full day kayaking as we were in Krabi during the weekend and we decided to drop by the weekend night market at Krabi town.

So off we went for the kayaking trip on day 2 and we took the Ao Thalene route which we kayak a bit at the sea before entering the lagoon and into the mangrove swamps. We were very excited after sitting in the truck for 45 mins before reaching the destination. There were another 5 Malaysian girls in our group and we were joined by another French couple who resides in Malaysia as well. We were extremely lucky as before we flew off, I had checked the weather forecast and it's suppose to rain the weekend we were there.

Once we got into the kayak, we began pedalling, hubs behind and I was in front. But somehow we still manage to paddle to the wrong direction and went all over the place instead of following our guide. We crashed into the pier, almost crashed into a motorboat and stranded in the mud, all happened in the first 20 mins of our kayaking. Finally we managed to steer the kayak to the right direction and followed the tour guide. The first 15 minutes were just around the sea and once we entered the lagoon, we were stunned. It's a different environment altogether, and we just sat back and relax and let the current carried us into the swamps. After a while, we were drifted to the mangrove swamps but we did not need much energy to paddle. It was the best time for us relax and listen to the surroundings. I especially love the fact that they restrict motorboats from going in or more like nature restricted that as the water is quite shallow and muddy. After that, we paddle back to the pier and went back to the hotel.

At night we hailed a taxi or more like a truck that shuttle from Ao Nang to Krabi town which costs us only 50 baht per person, much cheaper than the tuk-tuk that offered 300baht per trip.

We love the night market very much as there were plenty of food and in the middle of the square, there are chairs and tables for the patrons to have thier dinner and entertainment. Hubs as usual went crazy over all the food and souvenir shopping while I went overboard with the sleeveless tees which cost 100 baht per piece.

After that, we took the same truck back to Ao Nang in front of the 7-11 shop which cost 60 baht per person at night.


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