Feb 15, 2017

How to Dress for Winter Travel

With my down jacket, blocktech pants, Ugg style boots and a pop of blue

I recently went for a winter trip to Japan and I realised my previous winter clothing in UK were not able to withstand the harsher environment and snowing situation in Japan. Plus I swore never to buy one of those puffy down jackets that makes me looked like a penguin. But this changes after I saw some photos of Japan covered in snow and makes me overhaul my whole winter travel wardrobe.

So how do I managed to survive and bundle up against the winter? Here's are some of the tips

1. Have a good base layer. For this, I bought the Uniqlo Extra Warm Heattech which is very good in keeping the body warm.

2. Get a good down jacket preferably with down duck feather. Check the label to ensure it's feathers. Best is to get one with detachable hoodie and water resistant as I realised winter weather mostly comes with rain and snow. I got mine from Mango Spain which surprisingly is stylish yet warm.

3. Layer and layer and layer up. The best is to wear a few layers and I usually layer a wool based shirt/top after my heattech.

4. Buy lots (and I mean LOTs) of heat pad. I particularly find this very useful after I almost could not feel my toes while walking around Takayama. For your info, I worn a pair of thick woolen socks with Ugg style boots and still my feet are extremely cold. I put the heat pad on top of my toes and the warm feeling makes the walking much more pleasant. I kept some heat pad in my down jacket pocket so that it can keep my fingers warm.

5. Pack gloves and earmuffs. Personally, my hands are not so cold compare to my feet.

6. Pack some colour popping scarf. Trust me, this could change the outfit in an instant and makes your photos pop.

7. I bought a blocktech pants and a heattech legging pants, both from Uniqlo. I find that both the pants can block the wind better than jeans.

Here's come of my ootd shots from Japan
All wrapped up with beanie and gloves
With my shades as a fashion accessories

With my Uniqlo Heattech Leggings Pants. As you can see here, I took out the hoodie
Different way of styling the scarf
Adding shades and different colour scarf brought a different feel


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