Apr 10, 2017

Food to Try in Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

This time around, we decided to hop over to one of the many islands in Hong Kong and we selected Cheung Chau. To get there is fairly easy as we took the MTR to Central station and follow the signboard to get to the pier. The ferry departs from Pier 5 and there are two types of ferry, the fast and the slow one, alternating half and hour each. Prices for the fast ferry is double of the slow one but we reached the island in approximately 40 minutes.

I had researched for some of the food to try in Cheung Chau and here are some of the food. Can't really recall the address of these places but since the island is quite small, all these eateries are within the town area. Cheung Chau is also famous for their bun festival which occurs every year in May.

Here's are some of the food that we tried

My parents trying out the fishballs and fish cakes
1. Fish balls, all types


We tried a few types of fishballs at this shop and I quite like the salmon and cheese flavour. There are many flavours and many stalls selling fishballs in Cheung Chau. When we ordered, they will deep fried the fishballs for us. Overall, the fishballs are ok but a tad too salty for my liking. The stall is at one of the square not too far away from the jetty. When we were there, we saw some locals bought the fresh fishballs.

The dessert we ordered

Check out the real mango filling

2. Dessert


Originally, I wanted to try this Tin Yin dessert but found out it was closed on Monday. So we proceed to try another shop in the list. We ordered the Mango mochi, fruits tong sui and tau fu fa. Personally I love the mochi the most as it was huge and the mango filling is actually real mango filling instead of paste. Highly recommended just for the mochi.

Queuing up to buy the red bean pancake

Enjoying our pancake

Check out the red bean filling

3. Red Bean Pancake

故鄉俱樂部  Hometown Members Club

We actually stumbled into this place by accident after we took a stroll at the beach nearby. It was my mum who saw the signboard indicating red bean pancake and we decided to try. It was one of the best red bean pancake I ever tried. The filling of the red bean is the similar to the filling of the red bean pau that my grandma used to make. The only thing I regret was that we only bought two to share among three of us. Should have bought 1 each. 

4. Seafood
There is plenty of seafood restaurants along the coast and most offered lunch set which gives 3 dishes with one vege dish. I felt the food was quite meh though the prawns were not bad. I would not recommend to try them as the seafood in Malaysia was much better and cheaper. 

My dad insist on trying the 'put chai kou' aka bowl pudding

We only managed to try a few of the food in Cheung Chau as we were still full from the dim sum breakfast in the morning. There are plenty of street food in the small town and we saw many stalls selling mochi.

I quite like Cheung Chau overall as the island is quite laidback and not so touristy as there are many locals still living in the island. Highly recommend for a visit to Cheung Chau if anyone heading to Hong Kong. A nice change from the bustling city and a nice place just to chill and eat some pretty good mochi.


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