Feb 6, 2009

I love........

I love

1. shopping and lots of it especially in the outlets in the States

2. my Coach bag a LOT!I think it's cool to carry it in Msia to work

3. travelling and I've been to most of Europe and part of US. My mission is to finish at least Europe before I leave

4. taking photograph and being taken

5. lying on my bed on a Sat morning

6. watching my TVB dramas

7. drooling over Lam Fung..haha

8. shoes but cant buy much since I need to think about logistic problem when I m going back to Msia. but boots definately!

9. surfing Facebook. yes I m a bit of Keh Poh Chi

10. sleeping and my record time is 12 hours straight!!

11. collecting magnets. Believe me, I have tonnes of those and still counting!!


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