Jun 12, 2010

Money Money Money

One thing I love about travelling is that I get to collect some of the weird and different currencies around the world. Yes..indeed I can get these from the money change but certain currencies such as those from Romania and Eastern Europe is tough to get from Malaysia. Most money changer here doesnt really have those stocks.

Some of the major currencies that I have collected so far:-

Romanian Leu

Romanian Lei

Jordanian Dinar (20 Dinar)

Jordanian 5 Dinar

Egyptian Pound

Danish Kroner

Swedish Kroner

Turkish Lira

Hungarian Forint

Czech Kroner

I have some Peruvian Sols and Icelandic Kroner which I think I have misplaced

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jing yi! Just found your blog. How was S Africa?! Can't wait to see your photos! Nice work on the currencies, I don't think I kept any of mine, which is a pity :(