Jun 6, 2010

Sinaia, Romania (13 Aug 2009)

From Brasov, we took a day trip to the nearby town called Sinaia. Sinaia is famous for the residence home for summer for King Charles of Romania. It is here that he built Peles Castle, the famous landmark for this town. The place is easy to get to via train from either Brasov or Bucharest (it's an almost 4 hour train journey from Bucharest to Brasov, which Sinaia is in between this two places).

After using some sign language to get our tickets and checking the train back to Brasov, we managed to reach Sinaia in the afternoon. We took s short hike up the hill to the famous castle and managed to catch the last English tour into the castle. Since we need to pay extra for taking photos inside the castle, me being a very kiasu auditor decided not to pay and not to take any photos of the interior of the castle.

However, the exterior of the castle was enough to feed my photographer's thirst and indeed the castle is an amazing architecture. Peles castle was considered by many as one of the most beautiful castle in Europe.

I love the paintings on the wall

A storm is clouding over