Jan 22, 2011

Cape Peninsula, South Africa

view of Cape of Good Hope

catching my own reflection

Cape of Good Hope is also known as the most southern tip of the African continent. We drove from Cape Town to the Cape Peninsula stopping along Simon's town for the colourful dressing rooms, Boulder's beach for the cute penguin and lastly the Cape Point for the sunset. The whole drive from Cape Town to Cape of Good Hope was about 3 hours. It was said here, one could see the most mesmerizing sunset on earth as it was considered one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Cape of Good Hope is the divider between the Indian and Atlantic ocean. To get into the cape, we paid some entrance fees for the park as well as fee for the car. By the time we reached there, it was late afternoon and we had to rush between Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. The scenary up the light house is amazing and one can view the Cape of Good Hope from here. One need to leave the park before it's close or you will be fined for lateness.

map of the Cape

chilling out or more like pretending to be model

the lighthouse

stunning view of Table Mountain
(which looks like those ancient Chinese paintings)

standing at the most south western point of the African continent

love the colour of the sky here

I managed to shoot some stunning sunset view from the Cape and the classic shot with the ostrich in it.

Adri and May, my models

sunset view with the ostrich silhoutte

sun finally set in


  1. wah wah wah...the scenery photos u took are so nice!

  2. thanks..the place is very pretty!