Jan 2, 2011

Walking Down 2010

It's the new year. So what the hell I have been doing for the past 1 year and what I have achieved. Here are some of the events in no particular order.

Went for my first World Cup football match in South Africa (2 matches to be exact). I think I had talked about that for numerous times but hey.. it's one hell of an experience I will never forget in my life.

Won my first ever photography competition....yay!, second prize to be exact and had 1k worth of travel voucher which I will be utilising for my coming Taiwan trip this year.

Cut my hair to the shortest length in 2010 after having it long for ...hmm 10 years. For once I feel younger and 'lighter'..haha

First time sponsored my whole family to HK last year and it was great to be holidaying with family.

Had my first ever safari experience in Kruger Park in South Africa watching the lions, rhinos and pumbas roaming freely instead in cages.

Met with an accident for the first time. A motorbike banged into my car but according to the police some Bulatan Act, it's my fault because I was suppose to give way for motorists which already inside the roundabout. It was at this time, I was extremely thankful that I had such good colleague as she practically accompanied me while waiting for the motorists parents to come.

Bought my first ever lens for my dear Canon EOS after using my faithful kit lens for 1 1/2 years. I maintained that my kit lens is still the best lens I ever had and it gave me plentiful of stunning pictures as well as the winning photo.

Lastly, my most important achievement for the 2010...got myself something very very expensive for my birthday last year..will disclose it when the time is right..

p/s: am looking forward for 2011, more challenges in work as well as two major travel trips (gonna see Mt Everest upclose..woohoo)


  1. Wooo...very expensive present?? A huge diamond ring? Nah, it's so not you....Hmmm...a non-movable asset? Hehehe...

  2. Hahaha..it's a asset definately and not moveable