Mar 12, 2011

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

the famous tower upclose

Pisa is a small town located in Tuscany and about an hour train ride from Florence. We took this chance to visit the famous leaning tower as a day trip from Florence. Pisa is small to walk around and after a few minutes walk, we could see the leaning tower from far. Even from far we could see that the tower is tilted towards one side. We could see almost all the tourist did the must do pose in front of the Pisa tower! and off course we also couldnt resist not to pose the cliche pose..haha..well you gotta pose what you gotta pose when you are in Pisa!

Other than that, we practically covered Pisa in less than half a day. However, it's a good experience to see the tilted tower upclose. One can actually climb up the tower to have a good view of the town but we didnt do so as the weather was too hot. Why the tower is tilted? Read somewhere that it started sinking after a few years after it was built.

Pisa from afar

posing the cliche pose :)

the cathederal

notice those tourists on the left side?


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