Mar 13, 2011

Symphony of Lights @ Hong Kong

Symphony of Lights

When I was holidaying with may family in Hong Kong last November, it rained for two days two nights non stop, not the kind of rain in Malaysia where it rains for a few hours and stop.

One thing I hate while travelling is rain. I can withstand cold even up to negative degrees but not rain. It was raining when I was hiking the Scottish highlands, it was raining when I went to Oban with Adri, it was raining when I went to Iceland to catch a northern light and now even Taiwan is forecasted to have scattered showers for the next 2 weeks...:( and I will be there in a week time.

Anyway, depressing stuff aside, when I was in HK I wasn't too sure whether I could catch a good glipmse of the Hong Kong night view as well as the symphony of lights. This symphony of lights is held every night at both the Hong Kong island and the Kowloon side, specifically you can see the performance of lights from Tsim Tsa Tsui. Just get down at the MRT station and walk towards the Avenue of Stars where you can see many of Hong Kong stars handprint. I read that the view is better from this side than the Hong Kong island side. But this time, my aim was actually to capture the night view of Hong Kong since the last time I was here, I didnt bring along my tripod.

You have to actually 'chop' a place along the harbour as the crowd started as early as 7pm. The show starts at 8pm though. Fog and mist covered most of the buildings and photos did not turn out as good as I expected.


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