May 5, 2011

I have a mission

So what kind of mission exactly when I am away at this vibrant New York City?

1. To catch a broadway. The last time I was in the Big Apple back in 2008, I didnt manage to catch one and subsequently I watched 2 West End (Lion King and Wicked) in London and since then had fallen in love with musicals and broadway. So this time I must catch a broadway in NYC!

2. To eat my Ben & Jerry's
Too bad they didnt sell in Malaysia :(

3. To shop for my Coach

4. To snap a photo of the Brooklyn bridge overlooking the Manhattan skyline
That's for my non moveable asset deco though I kind of already shorlisted a few of my photos

ps: and I am writting all this from the apartment I am staying currently..with stunning view of the Manhattan skyline as well as amazing interior


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