May 22, 2011

My favourite places @ New York

A week back to the Malaysia soil but I feel that my body clock kind of still in the New York zone, hence I decided to share some of the places that I love most about this city.

I know my top pick for this sound cliche but I think it's a must for anyone who first step foot into the big Apple.

It's none other than the famous Times Square which is located along 42nd St which is always so full of life and all the colourful lights never failed to fascinate me. In fact, the 2 weeks I spend in New York, this is the place where I hang out the most, for the Broadway, movies and not forgeting the yummylicious Cold Stone ice cream. I hereby declare it's my current favourite ice cream beating Ben & Jerry!

Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge

My second pick would be the famous Brooklyn bridge simply because I have this obsession on bridges. I always think that the metaphor behind this amazing architecture is, a bridge connects between two piece of land which otherwise are separated from each other.

My third pick would be the famous Central Park. Just for chilling out!

Central Park

Top of Rockefeller

Fourth would be the top of the Rockefeller where one can catch this stunning view over the whole of New York city although it can be tad too windy!

Lastly, you never feel you have visited this city if you never been to the famous iconic Statue of Liberty.

the most famous lady in USA


  1. Wow, those are truly great pictures, I love the ones at night.

  2. Thanks Angela. NYC always been my favourite city and even more now