Feb 1, 2012


One of the greatest perks of staying in a condo is that I get to view many many fireworks at one go especially during festive season.

This time, it happened during the ninth day of the Chinese New Year, also known Pai Tin Kung for the Hokkien. I think it is more happening that the new year's eve itself. 

The fireworks lasted for 2 hours until 2am. Since I cant sleep, might as well I enjoy the view.


  1. Waahhhh.....so nice....
    My staying place...only can hear sound but couldn't get to view oso...

  2. very nice leh....invite us to your condo when there is festive season next time...

  3. Mel: haha, tht's the perks staying in condo. at least you own a land and me..just the air
    caroline: come come.