Feb 23, 2012

Food to Eat in Shih Lin Night Market, Taipei

Opera going on when we reached Shih Lin night market

The temple in Shih Lin

Finally, it's the last entry on food in Taiwan. This time, it's all about food in the night market in Shih Lin. Actually, the title kind of misleading as it combines food from Shih Lin night market and also the breakfast shop that we love so much which is nearby to the hotel we stay in XiMenDing, Good Ground Hotel. Not exactly a hotel I would recommend but this shop, I totally recommend it. 

To get to Shih Lin night market, take the MRT and stop at Jian Tan station instead of Shih Lin station.

one of the famous bun

the sesame bun

the famous potato and very long queue too

eating at the road side in Shih Lin
the most spicy curry ever
only Leng can take this

the Japanese restaurant where we had the curry (in XiMenDing)

dessert stall in Shih Lin

our dinner, not too tasty

 The place we had the best breakfast, located in Xi Men Ding near to Good Ground Hotel

If you notice, that most of my food photos were taken from Leng, my travel mate as I was too busy eating than taking shots of the food.

More of must eat night market food in Zi Qiang night market in Hualien and Feng Jia night market in Tai Chung here. 


  1. I miss all the street food in Taipei!!!! Gaaaahhhhh

  2. Me tooooo...I love their breakfast set the most! and the soya bean