May 29, 2012

Back from New York

I am back from New York after two weeks holiday in the city and Puerto Rico for our pre-honeymoon holiday. Tired but happy to see him graduating from his PhD after such grueling 4 years in Columbia Uni.

Super pk with shopping with coach bags (I have extra bags and wristlets from the trip, anyone interested to buy can contact me as I am selling them way below the price in Malaysia), manage to find my ROM dress from BCBG Maxazaria for a bargain and cheap branded clothes. Seriously clothes in Malaysia especially those from Gap, Banana Republic, Guess, Levis, Calvin Klein and many more are so darn expensive. Most of the clothes I gotten from these brands cost less than USD 10 or the most USD 15 for a working shirt. Even Padini during the 50% discount is more expensive than that!


  1. must be so nice to shop in New York! Especially when you know that the prices are way cheaper than in Malaysia. I'm interested to see what are the extra items you got there. ;-)

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  3. Mel, I got some extra Coach bags and Nine West wallet to be sold. Let me know if you are interested. Price is way cheaper than M'sia.