Jun 4, 2012

Little Things That Make Me Happy

1. When I manage to bargain for a lower price especially during travel or some major expenses. Even a discount of RM10 would make me a happy woman.

2. When someone make Milo for me every morning when I am having my shower.

3. When I can go home early from work and cook myself a nice meal. Sometimes, I even cook 3 dishes even though I was eating alone.

4. When I can sweat out in the gym after running a good few kilometres eventhough I would be much happier if I can shed a few kilos in the process.

5. When I put on my pants or jeans that were too tight previously, effortlessly without taking a deep breath.

6. When someone surprise me with small gifts and cards. Sometimes, it is not the matter of how expensive the gift but the thought that someone is thinking of me. I especially treasure fridge magnets.

7. When someone compliment how good I look eventhough I look like sh*t in the morning right after I woke up from sleep.

8. When I can 'boil' my dramas from morning till night without disturbance.

9. When someone help me to carry my big ass camera and water during travel.

10. When I shot some awesome photos.

Anyway, small things aside, the biggest thing that make me happy got to be when I received diamonds, haha. Who doesn't, considering that I had never have diamonds before in my life and yes, I am still upset over the little rock which fall off from my ring.


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