Aug 14, 2012

Kumari, the Live Goddess

Kumari house from Durbar square
After losing my blogging mojo for the past few weeks, decided to blog something that I enjoy more; travel.

I know it's been almost a year since I visited Nepal and witnessed this event but it still remained one of the luckiest thing we encountered during the trip. Even the guide told us that it is very rare that we can see Kumari so upclose and she's out from her house at Durbar square. Each day, Kumari will appear at her window for only 1 minute and no photos are allowed. So we are very very lucky that we managed to capture her in photo while she's out from the house. According to the guide, she will only be out 3 times a year.

To those who do not know who is Kumari, basically she's a child worshiped as living goddess in Nepal. It is believed that the goddess Taleju is incarnated into young virgin girls and will leave them once they hit puberty. So there is no permanent Kumari and every time the current Kumari hit puberty, a new Kumari will be selected among young girls. So far, according to the guide, these ex Kumari girls remained unmarried.

Here's some shots I managed to get at the current Kumari.

Kumari will appear from these windows everyday for only a minute


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