Jul 30, 2012

Wedding Updates

It's another 3 months to the wedding and many people have ask me how is the preparation. There are plenty of things to do and plenty of things to buy and yet I have not done much preparation in the last few months. I have yet to shoot for the pre wedding photos, have not file for the ROM (now not even sure whether the date we wanted is available), have not chosen my gown yet, have not gotten our wedding band which I am almost certainly sure I will end up with a stainless steel ring for the rest of my life with DeGem or Love & Co only in my dreams :(, have not buy my wedding shoes and I am not even in the mood to hunt for one right now, have not gotten our bed and mattress, have not gotten the curtains because I don't know which colour to coordinate and match the room, have not gone for food tasting, have not printed or even finalise the wedding cards design, so many have nots till I lost count!

Sigh, just thinking of all these things already made me stress, depress and sad. Stress because I have to handle many things on my own. Depress because I could have gotten a better quality on some of these things if the budget for reno does not burst until it can not burst anymore. Sad because I can't even change my handphone although it almost certainly hanged each time someone calls me and because if I do change, I can't afford to buy him a ring. Even super sad because I won't have the luxury of having a shoe cabinet for my shoes.


  1. Totally understand the pre wed stress. You may try to organize the important ones...then to the less important. Is there anything that I can help you, Jing Yi?

  2. Hey, how's things? Hope everything's ok... we could do some shopping together during CHY visit.. ^_^
    Cheer up! It's YOUR BIG DAY, it's suppose to be a happy occasion!