Jun 26, 2013

Convento Santa Catalina, Arequipa, Peru

Santa Catalina monastery

 I remember the first place we visited after the Nazca Lines is Arequipa, which is also the beginning of the ascending. Some of the travel mates have suffered from the severe altitude sickness while me and Adri, since we practically slept most of the time in the bus, we had not much of the symptoms. We were even given the nickname of sleeping queen. We snapped photos when the bus stopped and slept when the bus moved.

I don't recall much of the names in the city and places except for this beautiful convent in the middle of the town. We had 2 days to spend in this city to acclimatise to the altitude. A quick google made me recalled the name of the convent. It is called the Santa Cantalina. If I am not mistaken, families in Peru send their youngest daughter to the monastery to become a nun and it's something that they were proud of. And only upper class familes can afford to send their daughters to the monastery and they need to pay in order to get in.  A look at the interior of the monastery, I can see why only the rich can afford to send their daughter. The place is unlike other monastery whereby abundance colours can be seen inside. There is even a fountain located inside.

I felt like I was in Spain while walking around the monastery as the lanes are named after the places in Spain.

The highlight of the walk must be at the top of the roof where one can see the El Misti volcano covered in snow.


view of snow capped El Misti volcano from the rooftop
Colourful courtyard
I love how the buildings are coloured here

Streets in the monastery are named after ciities in Spain

Another tribute to Spain
I would love to hang out in this courtyard

Caught a couple in the background

The interior of a nun's room

The blue on the building is as blue as the sky


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