Jan 18, 2014

Kaikoura to South Bay

So before my big hike at the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, our tour manager suggested us to do the small hike from Kaikoura to South Bay along the Kaikoura peninsula. He offered to send us to the starting point which is at Point Kean carpark but since we wanted to practise for our big hike, we decided to walk from the town to the starting point which we took around an hour. Along the way, we actually saw our tour manager driving past a few times and I think at one point of time, he was getting worried that we had not reach the starting point, haha.

From the Point Kean carpark, we set off for the hike along the Kaikoura peninsula to some of the stunning view points, Whalers Bay and Sharks Tooth point. We had so much fun taking jumping shots and enjoying the view at the same time. After a while, we finally reach the South Bay town, which is at the other side of the peninsula. From here, there is a short cut which is an hour back to the starting point.

source: virtual-kaikoura.com


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