Jan 27, 2014

A Hobbit For a Day

It's a dream comes true for me to finally see one of the famous LOTR filming locations which is the Hobbiton. Hobbiton is located at Matamata (which also meant police in Malay) and can be reached via tour bus from the main town nearby.

According to our guide, it's built on Alexander's farm and it was actually torn down after the filming of the LOTR finished. It was only after the Hobbit trilogy is filmed and owner of the farm received many requests for the tour, that Peter Jackson and the farm's owner decided to make the location permanent for tourists.

Truth to be told, I feel a bit disappointed with the tour as it was full of tourists when I was there. And we were mostly given an hour to finish the tour and for free drinks at the Dragon Inn. As we were taking a bus from Rotorua, we had to be back by lunch.

Hobbiton welcoming us

One of the hobbit hole

It's actually empty inside

Before the filming start, the workers have to repeatedly walked to the clothing line to make a pathway

Samwise Gamgee's house

Dragon Inn

Hobbiton overview and the famous party tent

So pretty

Going for a free drink at the inn

Love all the sky reflection here

Hobbit on duty


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