Dec 21, 2014

Oh Mamma Mia!

So, this was the second time I watched the famous musical based on the songs by ABBA. The first time I watched in New York, I enjoyed it very much and it's my hubby (then bf) and my first official date together. This time around, I brought my parents to their first ever musical in KL.

Expensive tickets, even after 30% discount
I managed to get some pretty cheap tickets, 30% off using the Maybank card and I initially thought that the seats that I bought were great (from the floor plan la), but the actual one was quite far from the stage but still manage to see the singers dancing and walking around.

At one point, my mum asked me whether the songs are pre-recorded. Of course not! I would not pay so much to watch some pre-recorded show man! And I keep reminding my dad not to fall asleep and waste my money, lol. Of course, they are not as they were fully entertained by the songs and the singing and they can't stop singing even after the show end. So I guess it's money well spent. Oh, btw my mum told me that one of the three dads is actually the real life husband to Donna. If not mistaken the guy acting as Sam. Wow, no wonder one the songs that they sang together was so nice.

As for my review on the show in KL, I enjoyed it as well, but I find the atmosphere in New York is nicer as the audience actually get up and sing and dance along during the last 3 songs. But nevertheless, the show is great and excuse me now, I need to go and get these ABBA songs out of my head.

The stage, smaller than the one in New York


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