Dec 20, 2014

Time for Some Year End Ramblings

Trips Roundup
So, I have not been writing crappy stuff about my life or things I currently enjoyed doing at the moment. Things had been quite good in terms of travelling this year with the highlight of the country being Japan. Went once in April for the sakura and another time for the koyo in October. Sakura in Kyoto and koyo in Tokyo, what a mouthful, haha. Fact is I never get tired looking at all the sakura photos while sadly my camera was temporary spoiled after immersed in water, the second day in Tokyo. Hence the lack of photos and updates on that trip. Perhaps one day I will blog a bit about the Tokyo trip. Went to Singapore for the Sound of Musical, which I quite enjoyed and some shopping and catching up with my brother. Then it's to Krabi for the hubby's birthday retreat in August and Yogyarkarta in November.

Next year's plan include Korea in April for the sakura and Boracay in May. After that, no more plans. A friend asked me whether wanna join her for Croatia trip but it's a bit expensive for me and I still harbour the thoughts of visiting Norway and my epic Trans Siberia one day, one fine day!

Dramas roundup
I have been watching most of the TVB dramas in Astro on Demand and I enjoyed most of them especially those aired during the first half of the year. My favourite is still Storm in the Cocoon, mainly because I love the main actor and the scenery in the drama. Others such as M club (for the song), Swipe Tap Love (for the 009 dog) and Black Heart White Soul (simply because of the outstanding performance of Roger Kwok). The rest, ok ok only, haha.

Photography roundup
Not much on photography trip this year. Mainly concentrate on doing my photobook and canvas print. I think I lost some of my magic touch after marriage. Maybe it's due to stress or maybe not much great trips for the past 1 year. Sigh.. need to arrange for more photography trip next year.

So that sums up pretty much the happenings in 2014. Personal wise, had some major breakdown back early of the year. Don't want to talk about that much here but that incident cut my heart very deeply and once a while I found myself unable to control my emotions and cried many times, multiple times. Career wise, still stuck at the same position. Same old thing.

What install for 2015? I dare not think about that much as I can foresee a very stressful and depressing year ahead with all the treatments and what not. Not having much hope for the future, sadly.


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